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Telemedicine is evolving at a rapid rate in America. It holds a lot of promise and can be beneficial for practices and patients in many ways. Here is how our telemedicine solutions can help


Healthcare Access

The original goal of telemedicine apps has been to reach remote and rural patients

The under serviced regions of America in rural settings where medical specialists are not available find it difficult to access healthcare. With telemedicine apps and services, now smaller medical setups in rural places can provide medical care from medical specialists, to the local residents.

Homebound patients and those with chronic health issues can also get real time access to their doctors. Busy single parents or those working tough jobs can quickly connect with their providers and other medical specialists with help of our HIPAA compliant and secure messaging healthcare apps and solutions.



Not all health IT solutions are created equal

Some are better than others in providing the required services simply because of how they are designed. TeleCure's customizable digital health IT solutions are one such example. These solutions make sure that the needs of industry are being met in each way possible. White label health solutions allow for a better and a more seamless transition of the provider’s setup.

Customizable health IT solutions allow for incorporation of digital health tools such as smart devices and apps, record systems, and even allow for better branding. These solutions are tested and have gone through vigorous quality assurance tests over the years. All of it can then translate into better health outcomes for the patients and the ability of providing better healthcare services.



Telehealth can mean better health and care continuity

It can bring together the physician and patient in a manner that can foster long term relationship and better communication. Video enabled medical care allows clinicians to provide better care to patients in their homes. This is true for both homebound patients or those recently released from medical facilities.

Better communication can strengthen the physician and patient relationship. Improved relationships can mean increased patient satisfaction and improved quality of care for patients, along with reduced costs. Observations from studies have shown that such channels of communications can streamline medical care for the patients and help physicians coordinate treatment.



Acessible medical care via telehealth platforms

There are some barriers that can limit access to healthcare. One is the geographical boundaries and the other are the temporal or time issues. These often cause the greatest hurdles for patients and physicians to connect in an effective manner. Telehealth apps and solutions can help overcome these hurdles. Those who cannot travel to see a doctor due to any reason can easily access the services of a telemedicine platforms that allows such communication.

On the other hand, people who may be bound by the constraints of time can also be helped. They can see their physicians in real time, arrange appointments, and even store their information on these channels in order for the provider to review them later. All of this then enhances effective healthcare delivery. Telemedicine health IT solutions enable faster, immediate, and personal interactions between physicians and patients.



Cost-effective practices and prices for treatment

Telemedicine can minimize the ever increasing costs of healthcare for both providers and patients. It has been a long established fact that costs of medical care in America are high along with additional resources spent on transportation, costs of child care etc. Considering all of this, implementation of telemedicine in practices has been seen to lower both the costs and time spent on the process of accessing healthcare.

This is not all, telehealth solutions can be cost effective when you see how they can reduce wait times, time involved in arranging doctor appointments, and travel times. Spending time on all of this can mean lost hours at work and a loss of income for many. For providers, minimized healthcare costs can result as administrative costs at their setups along with overhead costs begin to decrease as a result of adopting telemedicine.



Telemedicine is a patient centric approach

This means that patients will receive high quality of care when they need it and wherever they need it. Any medical issue that arises can be taken care of quickly and in real time. Urgent consultations can be conducted in matter of minutes. A timely consultation can result in an earlier diagnosis. An earlier diagnosis means early treatment and improved patient outcomes. This can also meann a decreased cost of treatment due to an earlier intervention.

Telemedicine also allows for establishing remote patient monitoring programs. These programs help patients in remote areas to connect with medical providers that may be out of reach otherwise. People under remote patient programs are 23 percent less likely to get admitted to as hospital and for them readmission rates can also be lower. Patients under virtual can also have smaller length of stay at hospitals and a lower death rate.


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