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“I have seen a clear benefit on the side of nursing staff because the doctors are not visiting the facility and can see the patients remotely. It really helps the facility, as we have not taken anyone to doctor offices in urban Houston, to be seen by a specialist and they have been using the CallingDr remote visits for this purpose.”

Great-oak- Recovery-Center


Telemedicine Practices for Earlier Breast Cancer Screenings-A Way Forward

Telemedicine can play a key role not only in healthcare delivery but also in patient education. By increasing the accessibility and utility of telemedicine, patients can be educated about early screening methods for breast cancer and as a result may seek treatment earlier. Increased uptake of early interventions plus treatment adherence can then translate into better outcomes and improved quality of life for breast cancer patients.



“CallingDr Telemedicine has really allowed us to achieve our goals as an organization. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic we used their software which provided us with a reliable service. We will continue to use and recommend the CallingDr platform because we know we can count on their technology to provide reliable and comprehensive medical care to our rural and urban communities.”

Wall Street Medical Group


Health service delivery issues and barriers can disrupt communication between providers and patients.

We at TeleCure believe that fixing this channel of communication can mean effective healthcare delivery. For this purpose we have developed cost-effective healthcare IT solutions for physicians and patients to connect.

Our solutions range from HIPAA compliant telehealth platforms, custom health IT software development, health BPO and direct-to-patient virtual care services.


The TeleCure Initiative- Fixing the Broken System of Healthcare
September 24, 2021

We have a firm belief that telemedicine can offer effective and long-term solutions to the issues faced by the American healthcare system. This belief comes from solid scientific evidence.

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